ICON BRAND JEWELLERY - Mixed materials, found objects, attention to detail and raw masculine appeal are all traits that define Icon Brand jewellery. ICON BRAND TRICK WALLETS -Not satisfied with the Henry Ford philosophy of wallets (any colour as long as it’s black) we pioneered the heat transfer of images onto wallet blocks with our graphic inspiration taken from our travels and our love of music. ICON BRAND PAPER WALLETS – developed from techno paper, similar to that of Australian money. They’re ultra-slim, lightweight, tear-proof, waterproof and recyclable. ICON BRAND HEADWEAR - Icon Brand headwear best encapsulates our design philosophy of “something found, not something bought”.

Pursuing our quest to design the amazing men’s and women’s accessories, ICON BRAND has honed it’s design language and expanded operations across the globe to today be considered one of the leading youth fashion inspired accessories brands.

With a vision of “premium accessories authentically crafted to create an individual style”, ICON BRAND collections reflect our obsession for quality, our attitude to life and our desire to carve out a quid while having a laugh and a beer along the way. Our relentless goal is to take the ultimate in vintage & distressed materials and create products that redefine ‘premium youth fashion accessories’.